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We envisage that our pupils equipped with a well-rounded education will become effective, resourceful and responsible citizens. We lay emphasis on the development of analytical thinking and problems-solving abilities in juvenile minds.
Keeping contemporary challenges and requirements in view we have designed our curriculum very deliberately so that our students can survive the trails of time living in a cut-throat competitive world.

We see to it that our students get practical experience besides acquiring bookish knowledge. Theoretical knowledge and experimental approach are inextricably linked with each other. Therefore, we have a state- of- the- art laboratory where students carry out scientific experiments to grasp the basic concepts of all science subjects.

Apart from that we employ audio-visual aids to make concepts more comprehensive for young ones. Our school management has chosen the course books judiciously which truly meet the requirements of the current age. We are committed wholeheartedly to imparting standard education to students using all resources at our disposal.
As facts speak for themselves our results of secondary school certificate examinations bear testimony to the tremendous sense of responsibility, devotion and strenuous efforts that we put for the betterment of our pupils. It is a matter of pride for us that our students are producing remarkable results in board examinations every year.

Co-Curricular Activities
To promote co-curricular activities among students Akbari Public School holds various competitions which include Art and Science exhibition, Qirat and Naat competitions, Mili songs competition, English and Urdu speech contests and quiz contests related to all subjects, taught in school.

It is worth-mentioning that brimming with confidence and exuberance our students take part in all contests enthusiastically. Those who show exceptionally good performance are awarded medals and certificates on annual prize distribution ceremony.
The prime objective of holding quiz competitions is to disseminate knowledge among students. Through such competitions students get an opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge pertaining to various subjects.

Likewise the purpose of arranging art and science exhibition is to enlighten our students and make them realize the importance of inexorability of scientific progress in every field of life.

Apart from imparting knowledge related to science and technology, we aim to develop a scientific approach in our students which enables them to think independently instead of giving into preconceived notions.

Art is an expression of pent-up feelings and emotions. The world of art is vast and unfathomable. Through art exhibition students get an outlet to show their flair for art.

Extra-Curricular Activities
Working simultaneously on physical fitness and a healthy mindset, Akbari Public School is making strenuous efforts to promote extra-curricular activities. These extra curricular activities include table tennis, cricket, basket ball matches, multi cultural fancy dress show, gymnastics and karate training.

Through these extra-curricular activities we attempt to impart high moral values to our students. There is no denying the fact that healthy sports activities instill a spirit of sportsmanship, valour, discretion and forbearance in sports enthusiasts.

In order to inculcate the aforementioned qualities in students and provide them a respite from drudgery of a routine life, Akbari Public School holds a two-day sports gala for boys and girls separately every year.

On the occasion of sports gala students participate in various games such as frog race, tricky hurdle race, chatti race, shot put, tug o’ war, jumping through fire ring, high jump and karate presentation. Students gallantly show feats of bravery. Their stunts are highly appreciated by the spectators.

Akbari Public School has devoted its selfless services to the welfare of students. Education is our top most priority which overrides all material concerns. Unlike other institutions we have never compromised on our school’s standard policies while appointing faculty members.

Our students are benefitting from the services of subjects specialists in all disciplines. Currently we have around sixty five teachers on the pay-roll who are highly qualified, professionally competent and conscientious.

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