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Admission Procedure

Admission in any class during the academic session is given on the basis of result of entry test / interview.

The aim of entry test/ interview is to apprise the parents and teachers of the academic level of the students. In case the child is found weak in a particular subject, his/her parents are advised accordingly at the time of admission.

Class                     Age

Nursery                  3 ½   years +

Prep                       4 ½    years +

One                        5 ½     years +

Financial Assistance

Scholarship will be provided to ten students (on yearly basis) who are academically sound or otherwise needy and wish to continue their studies.

Students who have a sibling in school will be granted a reasonable concession following the rule of kinship.

Zakat Fund
It also depends on the financial condition and eligibility of the students. The management of the institution will decide about the selection of the students to be entitled to Zakat fund. Selected students will receive concession in fee for one year. Satisfactory results / performance will result in extension of this entitlement for another year.

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